Climate Control Systems

What Is A Climate Control System?

A climate control system gives you total control over the climate of your home. It automatically regulates heating and cooling, and can help save you money by only heating and cooling the rooms that you’re using. Smart climate control systems, like the Airstream iZone, also allows you to access your climate control heating and air conditioning solutions remotely through smart device apps; ensuring you always arrive home to the perfect temperature.

iZone – The Leading Name in Climate Control in Australia

The Airstream iZone allows users to completely control the temperature of their home. Our climate control systems give home owners total temperature control over each room individually, allowing the air distribution, temperature or airflow to any room to be personalised.

iSense – For the Ultimate Home Client Control System

When paired with the Airstream’s iSense controller, our climate control systems can achieve maximum efficiency. As unoccupied rooms are detected, the controller can be set to automatically adjust the room’s temperature or switch off the heating/air conditioning to that room. Airstream’s iSense is the leading temperature and climate control solutions in Australia. It can significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce the running cost of ducted air conditioning systems by directing the airflow only to the rooms being used.

Why Choose Airstream For Your Climate Control Solutions

Airstream’s climate control systems give you precision control over your heating and ducted air conditioning. Our iZone 325 climate control system works with all major air conditioning brands, including Panasonic, Daikin, Toshiba, LG, Temperzone, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Samsung and Hitachi. The control system can be retrofitted to work with your existing ducted air conditioning, as well as new installs.  All the Airstream products work seamlessly together to maximise the efficiency of your home’s climate and to better control it’s heating and cooling systems.