Climate Control Air Conditioning

What Is Climate Control Air Conditioning?

Climate control air conditioning refers to the technology that allows you to adjust the temperature and air flow of your air conditioning system. It is a user-controllable thermostat that allows home owners or occupants to set the climate of a specific room or entire house. The degree of control depends on the supplier of the technology and ranges in functionality. Advanced climate control systems, like the Airstream iZone, allows you to completely personalise all aspects of your air conditioning.

Why Choose Airstream For Your Climate Control Air Conditioning?

There are numerous benefits of choosing Airstreams as the provider of your climate control air conditioning system. Not only are we at the forefront of climate control technology, but we offer unbeatable customer services and a full 10 year warranty on all our air conditioner control systems.

Airstream is the industry-leader in fully integrated air distribution systems, and the creator and sole distributor of iZone; the next generation climate control system. iZone is compatible with leading air conditioning brands, and features an app with an easy to use interface. The iZone app enables you to control your air conditioning system remotely via your smart phone or tablet.

The iZone 325 – For Complete Control Over Your Home’s Climate

Our new generation climate control air conditioning, the iZone 325, is compatible with all the major air conditioning brands, including Panasonic, Daikin, Toshiba, LG, Temperzone, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Samsung and Hitachi.

The iZone 325 is enabled with our WiFi and 4G enabled app, allowing you to access your air conditioner control system anywhere, anyplace. This means no more mid-day panics because you’ve forgotten to turn off the air conditioner or coming home to a sweltering house. Simply access your air conditioner remotely through our wireless smart control system to turn your air conditioner on or off, or adjust the air and/or climate.

Our climate control air conditioning systems allow you to set the temperature of each room individually. You can adjust the air distribution, temperature or airflow to any room, personalizing the climate or stopping airflow to any rooms not in use to save power and money.

All our air and climate control products work seamlessly together. Combining iZone 325 and the Airstream iSense controller will achieve maximum efficiency in your home, as the iSense detects which rooms are unoccupied and automatically adjust its temperature or switches off the air conditioning to that room.