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Cleaner Living

Our precision engineered components and technologies deliver unrivalled efficiency and cost savings. Having a high quality air filter installed in a well maintained ducted air conditioning system results in a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.  iPure delivers cleaner air to every room in your home.

iPure is Airstream’s highest quality natural air filter that captures house dust, mould, pet dander, virus carriers and pollen to help reduce symptoms and make breathing easier.

If you have allergies or other health issues that call for an even more intensive filtration system, we also design and build bespoke high efficiency filtration modules. Ask your local iZone dealer for more information, or contact us for details.

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We use only the best materials

To ensure your iPure filter is as effective as possible, we choose only the best: Flanders Merv-8 Filter Media. Flanders’ media has the highest dust holding capacity and lowest pressure drop of any media in its class. This means you can have the best filtration without having to compromise on your systems performance. Flanders products are also designed to be environmentally responsible, so it’s not only your home environment that’s improving.

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