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Better efficiency is better living

As air flow engineering specialists, we know that Australia’s harsh climate demands more than just an effective air conditioning unit.
To enjoy year-round comfort throughout your home, you need an equally high quality air distribution system.

Our precision engineered components and technologies deliver unrivalled efficiency and cost savings. iMaxi is the industry benchmark for thermal efficiency. Built specifically for Australia’s climate, our high-precision components are designed to meet the most stringent commercial standards. The result is a huge leap forward in energy efficiency, intuitive control and ultimately comfort.

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Why quality insulation counts

The key to cost-effective air conditioned comfort lies in the efficiency of your air distribution system and the quality of its component parts. The greater the insulation value of the component parts, the more energy efficient your air conditioning system will be. Airstream’s iMaxi® components set the industry benchmark for thermal efficiency, making your system more economical to run.

On a 35°C Australian summer’s day, the void beneath a white Colorbond roof can be 41-55°C. Traditionally, this is where a lot of your air conditioning unit’s capacity is lost – through poorly insulated or leaking ductwork and fittings.

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Exceptional insulation exceptional efficiency

All iMaxi ductwork and fittings are constructed with a minimum of R1.0 insulation. This ensures you receive the full benefit of the air from your air conditioning unit throughout your house. Air leakage in your ductwork significantly reduces the efficiency and performance of your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. That’s why every iMaxi component is painstakingly sealed by hand, ensuring a leak-free product that delivers our trademark air conditioning efficiency. We even provide an ‘airtight guarantee’ that our fittings do not leak precious conditioned air.

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Zone dampers that ensure complete peace of mind and control

The automatic control of air to each room is accurately measured and adjusted by an engineered variable air volume damper. Our Zone Barrel Dampers are precision engineered to perform in the harshest Australian conditions. A foam sealing gasket is secured within the damper housing to provide an airtight seal when the damper is closed. The edge of the blade has a moulded ‘gramophone’ finish to ensure a perfect airtight seal. Every spigot of an Airstream system is fitted with sealing gaskets to prevent conditioned air leaking through the fittings into the roof-space.

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Tough, flexible, low-friction ductwork

We use metalised mylar ductwork insulated with R1.0 polyester as standard. It’s as tough, durable and thermally efficient as it is flexible and smooth, ensuring the air in your system meets minimal resistance. For even greater efficiency, upgrade to R1.5 insulation.

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