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A new generation of ultra-efficient, programmable wireless home lighting that you can control from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet.
Inexpensive. No costly automation system to purchase, just an iLight bulb and Wifi Bridge.
Efficient. Long-lasting LED iLight bulbs are the most efficient bulbs available.
Easy to install. No wiring or electrician. Just download the app and install your iLights.
Intuitive. Control all your iLights with the tap of a finger, from anywhere anytime.
Scalable. Install one iLight, an entire constellation, or fitout your whole home. It’s easy.
Flexible. iLights work in any standard light fitting – ceiling lights, wall lights or lamps.
Fun. iLights enhance your lifestyle – any colour, anytime, anywhere you like.
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iLight will fill your house with more than colour. It can sync with your music, link to your alarms, timers and alerts and even help regulate your body clock.

iLight creates the perfect environment for your needs, so you can take advantage of the biological benefits of light by regulating your circadian rhythm, commonly known as your body clock.


You can use iLight to set the mood, change the ambience or even transform entire spaces. With the tap of an app, you can instantly set the perfect tone to enhance any moment.


iLight can become an integral part of your day-to-day life. Alarms, timers and alerts can all be tailored to the life you lead.


Keeping your home more secure is easy with iLight, you can turn your lights on even when you’re not home making it seem like you’re still there.


iLight lets you control the show, all within a few easy clicks. By making the lights dance in sync with the music, you can get that party started right!


Integrate iLight with iZone and complete your living technology solution. iZone’s intuitive touch screen delivers complete, home-wide control and savings.



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Whether you’re dancing to Purple Rain or cooking Chicken Verde, you can set the perfect mood with iLight.
Wake up to a fresh, natural start each day by using iLight to gradually increase the light intensity like sunlight.
Be welcomed home or set your iLights to come on at a pre-set time while controlling them from anywhere.
Switch off your iLights automatically when you leave a room or use schedules for every day use.
Turns your living room into a dancefloor by syncing iLight to your favourite music.
Paint your walls the colours of your favourite team to enhance your game day experience.
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