iLight Specs

Product Summary iLight is a personal wireless lighting solution for your home. You control the lights and select the perfect shade and brightness, all from your smart phone, tablet or iZone touchscreen.
Power supply 240 Volts / 50Hz.
Screw fitting (E27)
Bayonet fitting (B22)
Brightness 644 Lumens ≈ 60 Watt of standard incandescent bulb.
Energy consumption at maximum brightness 9 Watts.
Energy consumption in standby mode 0.22 Watts.
Efficiency 71 Lumens / Watt.>
Colours 16 million colours.
Colour temperature kelvin 1000 K to 6300 K.
Lifetime Up to 40,000 hours ≈ 20 years at 5 hours use per day.
Maximum number of bulbs 128 on a single network.
Warranty 2 years.
Windows phone
Control from multiple devices simultaneously Unlimited number of devices can control the iLight system either through the Wi-Fi network or mobile internet.
Control from wall switch Access from iLight apps is lost though to bulbs that are turned off by wall switches. When turned on, bulbs will resume their previous settings before they were turned off. 3 different options are available for this function.
Auto brightness control If iLight RF wall switches are used you can automatically control the brightness of the iLights in the room via a light intensity sensor installed the iLight switch. So as the sun goes down the iLight automatically increases in brightness.
Occupancy sensing Each iLight switch is fitted with an occupancy sensor that can be configured to automatically dim or switch off when the room is unoccupied.
Control away from home Users can monitor and control their iLights once they have registered on the website for remote access.
Control bulbs individually or in groups Unlimited number of groups.
Security As strong as the Wi-Fi network. Supported devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network with iLight app will have control over the bulbs.
Dimming and brightness adjustment from app
Colour adjustment from app
Memorise up to 9 favourite settings
Schedule any favourite to start or stop according to the time or day
Automatically increasing light wake up alarm
Sync music into iLight
Holiday mode The iLights can be set to randomly turn on and off to make it look like someone is at home.