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FEATURES IZONE 110 IZONE 220/225* IZONE 320/325*
Intuitive user navigation
Customisable touch screen background colours
Upgradeable saturn facias
Number of zones available 6 14 14
Maximum number of screens 2 14 14
Airflow adjustment 5% Increments 5% Increments
Zone temperature control
Wireless temperature sensor option for existing homes in 3 saturn colours
Temperature sensor calibration
Optional iSave®>
Favourites mode
Filter clean alert with adjustable frequency
7 day scheduling
Sleep timer
Warranty 10 years 10 years** 10 years**
Air conditioning unit control Via manufacturer’s controller Via manufacturer’s controller Full Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba,
Mitsubishi Electric, Temperzone,
LG, Fujitsu***
Zone temperature sensing options Touchscreens
iSense controllers
Zone sensors
iSense controllers
Zone sensors
Options for A/C unit control Return air
Master zone****
Auto select from temperature controlled zones
Modes Cool, heat, vent, dry, auto****
Fan speed Low, medium, high, auto
AC unit auto off feature
Damper control On/Off Tuned PID Tuned PID
Protocol RS232 CAN Bus CAN Bus
Remote control iOS, Android & Windows Smart phone and tablet
WiFi and 4G
Smart phone and tablet
WiFi and 4G
Home automation system integration

> With iSave® fitted to an iZone® 320 system, the maximum number of zones is reduced to 12. *With iLight. **Conditions apply, see for details.
***Not available at time of printing.

Experience Optimal Energy Efficiency

Making it easy to create the perfect system for you

With so many factors to consider, choosing the right air conditioning control and distribution system can be difficult. But we want to make it as easy as possible for you. So here’s our at-a-glance guide to why Airstream is the right choice.

Real world service, real quick!

Our pledge to provide industry-best performance extends to our service warranty. All our products therefore come with a ‘no quibble’ 10-year locally supported warranty, which means we promise to address and rectify any issues you have with any of our products in less than 7 days. To expedite repairs and allow us to fulfil our service obligations to you, please follow the procedures of our warranty policy.



Unrivaled insulation, maximum efficiency

We are the only company to offer a complete system with a minimum thermal performance rating of R1.0 as standard. Our air network terminals are rated higher than this at R1.5, whilst most of the industry supply minimum grade R0.6 plastic fittings.


Four layers of leak free protection

1. Foam seals on all damper blades to prevent conditioned air leaking into unused zones

2. All fittings are internally sealed during manufacture

3. All fittings are externally sealed with reinforced aluminium tape to vapour seal the fitting

4. Every spigot is fitted with a sealing gasket to prevent leakage of conditioned air from the system into the roof space


More intuitive, more reliable, more stylish

iZone® is the most intuitive and reliable zoning system on the market, with a measured warranty rate of less than 1%. No wonder major brands have asked us to develop control systems for their next generation air conditioning units.


The most extensive warranty ever

Because quality is our priority, we’re able to offer a full 10-year warranty. That covers everything, including electronic components. We’re confident in our system, so you can be too.


We’re proudly WA owned and operated

Airstream® is a Western Australian company. That means we understand Australia’s unique climate, but it also means we’re here for you if you need us – Airstream’s owners and founders oversee everything we do, every day.

Airstream Makes The Numbers Work Harder

About Airstream

As air flow engineering specialists, we know that Australia’s harsh climate demands more than just an effective air conditioning unit. To enjoy year-round comfort throughout your home, you need an equally high quality air distribution system. At Airstream we know how to make the numbers work harder. Our precision engineered products and innovative technologies deliver unrivalled efficiency and precision temperature control throughout your home. This saves you money and keeps your family comfortable whatever the weather.

Innovation and impartiality

We’ve also made it our mission to cut through the contradictory and often misleading information in the marketplace. We focus wholly on providing the advice and high quality products you need to ensure your air conditioning system makes the numbers work harder.

No gimmicks. No unnecessary features. No compromises.

Just air conditioning distribution solutions that deliver industry leading performance, savings and comfort control.


Our unique control algorithms turn zone dampers into highly accurate airflow monitors that can be automatically adjusted in 5 per cent increments in every zone. That’s ultra-fine control that will maximise efficiency and minimise costs.



At Airstream, we’re experts in the science of air management. And it’s this knowledge that has inspired iZone, the industry’s next generation climate control system.


Airstream’s iPure® system utilises high quality filters that capture the smaller allergy causing particles that may be harmful to your health.


Built specifically for Australia’s climate, our high-precision components are designed to provide a huge leap forward in energy efficiency, intuitive control and ultimately comfort.


Our patented iSave® system maximises the cooling efficiency of your ducted air conditioning to save you money. This Airstream innovation makes use of cool outside air to drastically reduce the running costs of your residential ducted reverse cycle system.

How Airstream works with your air conditioning unit

How it all works

While the science behind air conditioning and climate control can be complex, we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to secure an air conditioning system that works as efficiently and cost effectively as it can.

How ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning works

A ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning system is one of the most effective and economical climate control systems around.

There are basically two parts:

  • The air conditioning unit
  • The air delivery or air flow distribution system

Airstream componentry works efficiently with your air conditioning unit to provide an air flow distribution system that delivers maximum comfort while minimising running costs. An Airstream system comprises iMaxi® ductwork and air network terminals. Working together with iZone,® the system delivers unrivaled comfort and control to your ducted reverse cycle system. To further enhance the efficiency, iSave® can be added to most iZone® systems to provide economical night cooling.


There are essentially five elements that are critical to an effective ducted air conditioning system. Airstream’s air distributions sytems combine iZone®, iPure®, iMaxi®, and iSave® to maximise efficiency and minimise running costs.


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